The rapid development of digital mobile information market, let the emperor ai emperor smiled on today

October 20, 2016

    With the rapid development of the market, talk about heroes, still see today, along the way, hold industry Product innovation is urgently needed. DDW in this aspect is also follow the market, the product development, from the original LCD screen was developed on the basis of the touch screen, high-definition monitor and intelligent YunBing, network digital intelligent monitoring machine then according to the research and development of consumer demand better products.


    Keep pace with The Times Keep improving

    In 2015, according to data digital sign the overall size of 1.59 million, 650.2 billion yuan, up 4.3% from a year earlier, 6.3%, by 2019, the Chinese digital signage market overall size 2.8 million, 11.06 billion yuan, the compound growth rate of 13.1% 12.5%. Improvements were optimized in this economic situation, slim, elegant appearance, ultra narrow characteristics meet the customer diversification demand, performance more lucrative. In addition to temperature in outdoor display, waterproof, uv light, light and so on all have high standard requirements, emperor ai emperor to advertising machine equipment upgrading, the constant temperature air conditioning and air cooling temperature of the solution, using Gao Liangbing solutions to the requirements of the look and feel of outdoor display, display use toughened glass reaches IP65 waterproof standard. From the early research and development, mass production by now, the market, the DDW market has formed a good reputation. At the same time, the DDW cross-media development for emperor ai emperor outdoor advertising products also provide software technology support, interaction between the audience and the media.


    The emperor of emperor ai


    Independent research and development independent brand

DDW as suppliers to independent research and development, marketing planning, product design, graphic structure, in order to realize the product to seek common ground while putting aside differences, don't walk unusual way. Strongly regular, popular products at the same time with unique innovative products to win market recognition. Emperor ai emperor from the generation of business to do their own brands, along the way every time a new product launch, the early stage of the emperor YiDiDou will make full market research and technical team diligently innovation, to the final product, quickly into the development of market commanding heights. Emperor of emperor ai products are often imitated, but never been surpassed. Innovation and technology is the core competitiveness of DDW.


    YunBing high-definition monitor intelligence Keep up with time

In 2015, the outdoor advertising machine in the market, media, commercial retail, postal logistics, etc. The proportion of niche market to further expand, combined market share of nearly 70%, in the smart advertising machine in the market, further enhance media market to 72%, which further increase the proportion of commercial real estate, intelligence community. In recent years, the development of smart home, and private ordering is becoming more and more recognized by everyone, at the end of 2015 the global smart home market scale has amounted to $124 billion. DDW as advertising machine "old driver" development of new products - YunBing high-definition monitor intelligence, domestic joining together as the core of security engineering, the results of the functional requirements of each section of security systems, efficient scientific integration and optimization, at the same time introducing "Internet +" and "cloud", the purpose is to replace the traditional monitor, make security products into security platform, a set of can always follow the market change and upgrade system products!



    For personalization, by artists, structure composed of engineers, application engineers and other professional technical team, at the same time there is independent of the hardware factory, and other hardware production base, can achieve perfect personalized one-stop production, fully meet the needs of customers. Customers as long as want, to tell the idea greatly, can put the idea into reality, greatly present a personalized custom products of customer satisfaction.


    Wide prospect of market

    One, a product have a good promotion plan did not display machine, hardware, such as screen, as the carrier, also is unable to realize the value of its propaganda. At the same time, the DDW itself has a great strength of the brand marketing team, with its as the backbone, make full use of resources, the successful promotion of company products and brand planning at the same time can help other industry brand promotion, media market at present stage, the common media market is not very good, but the diversity of the media has a good development, the market is now scene and the prospects are very considerable.


    DDW mainly screen production industry, is the commercial display solutions provider, in terms of product quality and material very fastidious, has its own research and development, production, sales and after-sales team, aims to build its own brand, integrated technology and fashion, the more ground gas production of LCD screen.