The thinner the better LCD splicing screen?

September 19, 2016

As the LCD splicing technology is more and more perfect, science and technology research and development department in the way of innovation never stops! Has long been in display applications, the LCD splicing screen is famous for its thin, based on marketing demand, frivolous object wrapper is the focus of the business, this has led to the industry user when the choose and buy you concern the thickness of the product? So, in practice, the LCD splicing screen really is the thinner the better? The following by the DDW to give you the answer!

Liquid crystal splicing technology matures, LCD splicing screen is becoming more and more thin. Manufacturers in the industry of the publicity, the advantage of light products have been known by many industry users, for example, reduced weight, screen feel more beautiful, more easy to install, but also can speed up the response time. Related research shows that, the thickness of the splicing time reduced by 20%, the response speed will be on the basis of original increased by 35%. Does this mean that the LCD splicing in the thinner the better? Of course, the answer is no, because the products become thinner would bring some negative influence, the user must understand before the choose and buy.


The thinner the thickness of the product, the higher the requirement of manufacture craft. If you don't pass process, not only the screen color will become dark, its visual Angle will be smaller. At the same time, the odds of bad points appear on the screen will also increase, while the yield of product is reduced. So far, the industry also does not have a very complete technology to solve the above problems.


Therefore, to produce lightweight splicing screen, the manufacturer's production cost will improve a lot. Accordingly, transfer to industry users, the cost will be increased dramatically. High cost, many hidden trouble, it is necessary to users in the pursuit of perfection ultra-light products to consider. If the condition allows, of course, be sure to select, is the best choice as DDW quality and after-sales service are guaranteed products of old brand, or out of the question is difficult to guarantee the rights and interests of users.