The Times produce wisdom book city

January 4, 2017

    In Internet + digital age, the life of people daily life has had the earth-shaking change, daily life will become more intelligent and convenient more quick, convenient Internet + pattern brings the life of people is not yiding half, but the whole of life, so these are The Times of Internet +, the store operator transformation if you don't keep up with the trend of The Times, then it will be lost in the wisdom of the trend of The Times.



    Would you experienced such a scene, when walk into a big book city, in the face of various kinds of tens of thousands of books, will be in the process of choosing books appear giddy, headache, even to the bookstore s consulting books you want, you also have to line up or wait for, at the end of the shop assistant give you the answer don't reach own purpose, completely can't bring the answer you want, at this point you can only rely on myself in books alone to find oneself want books.


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    Above this scene type belongs to the traditional bookstore mode, completely is not suitable for the era of Internet + development, traditional books such as intelligent transformation, this store is bound to collapse, the emperor of emperor ai intelligent LCD touch advertising machine will be an important turning point in the transformation of all stores, make up for the hard and soft of intelligent requirements, carrot and stick both make the library more intelligent.



    For example, when you go to the library, pointed out smartphone at DDW touch advertising machine two microcode scan, instantly get wi-fi Internet access, wireless implementation stores goods book information query, intelligent recommendation, interactive entertainment, the integrated function such as more customers pay for lightning, LCD touch advertising machine that is equivalent to an intelligent connection, but each person's mobile phone is the equivalent of a miniature gets first, in link with the liquid crystal advertisement machine, diversify link projects and more abundant marketing services. Can make the library more foil out intelligent elements.

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    Of course, that's not the point, the point is customer can also directly from the WeChat you sweep the microcode mall orders and realize O2O mode, as long as the customer to choose a good book, the system will return to the qr code as a transaction certificate, move through the store holding a whole equipment validation and pick up the goods immediately, if you don't have the time, the bookstore can also book door, thus greatly reducing the bookstore queuing time of payment. Entity bookstores can also enjoy with online bookstore is also convenient and shopping experience, to provide you with timely recommend, and implement online interaction. A win-win move will be the transformation and upgrading of the entity bookstore in recent years an important development direction.


    For the entity bookstore, LCD touch the emergence of advertising machine to meet and satisfy the various needs of customers make it more intelligent, the clerk also don't have to be running around, busy dizzy, s just is enough to fill the lack of good bookstore books. The store system is more save worry save time and effort. , of course, emperor ai emperor products will be according to the development of The Times, continuous innovation, innovation works will conform to the trend of The Times, follow The Times, advancing with The Times.