Time the stitching direction, the market should be standardized

November 22, 2016

LCD video wall is the development with the continuous innovation of technology, make its development. Technology development, market demand is more and more big, this also attracted many display manufacturer. Numerous manufacturers into little also not of traditional LCD splicing vendors, including love go the traditional route display more stitching. In such cases, it is easy to form the polarization phenomenon. Many people only see video wall high-speed development and prospects, the good side but ignore the behind its rapid development. Joining together the market in full swing cause the LCD market, in the form of two sides.


No rules no fangyuan, do anything to have rules, with the continuous development of the market, will also have a series of problems. Any industry will be a series of problems, reason is the lack of an industry standard and specifications. Specification of this industry could be adverse to the general industry users. The manufacturers can only go step by step to fumble, to practice, gradually understand the shape of the market. Summarizes a set of scientific standards in line with the industry development. So in a short period of time, the LCD splicing market may be in a chaotic pattern.


Liquid crystal splicing market constantly, will also continue to attract the major manufacturers to join. Due to the LCD video wall entry threshold low, manufacturers easily join LCD splicing. Caused a variety of situations. Also, also can appear a lot of bad products and fake products, in this case, not only damage the interests of customers, will also influence the development of liquid crystal Mosaic market.


So, with the continuous development of domestic splicing market, standardize the market will be. In order to better future, the great strength of the manufacturer should set up a business alliance, the hope is that all the power of together worked out a set of healthy development of industry standards. But due to time issues and the particularity of LCD video wall screen market, make it hard for the market to specification. But still want a multitude of LCD splicing manufacturers don't give up, together to create a good market atmosphere. DDW in LCD video wall industry for many years, always adhere to the line of standardized to provide customers with quality products. If the specification in the future market, DDW also will to cooperate, create LCD video wall market environment.