Touch Advertising Machine Need To Pay Attention To What Problem?

September 2, 2016

Advertising machine to touch touch time is also very quickly, so a lot of occasions by both beautiful and practical in the field of touch one of the advertising machine is more, but the number of advertising machine use due to the more so for touch screen on the scope is limited, so we in the use of touch advertisement machine should pay more attention to some problems.latest company news about Touch Advertising Machine Need To Pay Attention To What Problem?  0

Focus engineering personnel professional advice: touch advertisement machine need to pay attention to the following questions

1, pay attention to the voltage stability

Best don't share a power supply with high power devices, advertising machine is mostly used in public places, because touch screen voltage instability can make equipment damage. Advocate use safe mains 220 v, if the advertising machine not stable work, even burning advertising machine.

2, plug CF

Please don't in the case of boot plug CF card, should operate after shutdown. In plug CF card please read this manual carefully, before assuming that CF card does not go up, don't hard plug, prevent damage CF card pin, appears the question, need to check whether inserted backwards.

3, clean the touch screen

Remember must unplug the power cord, first ensure that ensure the power of the advertising machine case, wipe with clean soft cloth gently without thread (cloth), it is best to wipe his eyes, do not use spray directly on the screen.

4, placed

Don't put it in the rain, the sun in the bad border, easy to damage the equipment for a long time, and do not put advertising machine in the radiator, heat source to technology or any other near can affect the normal ventilation equipment.

Special remind, touch advertising machine with automatic power saving function, if inserted with external equipment, just put the external equipment shut down, the device will automatically shut down, the machine such as long-term does not work, please turn card anti-theft lock will be 220 v power supply shut down; Or unplug the power supply directly. If you have any problem, touch advertisement machine don't disassemble or repair by oneself, should ask professional personage to repair, lest cause itself is even more safety and equipment damage.