Touch all-in-one PC is applied to store the value of the supermarket chain

September 1, 2016

    Along with the increase in public spending patterns, as well as the wide application of high and new science and technology, liquid crystal advertisement machine display terminal has become a darling of advertisers, the pace of growth since appear much higher than that of traditional TV media, newspapers and magazines, especially in recent years, liquid crystal advertisement machine both outdoor and indoor applications would be a focus of advertising investment hot spots.

    Whether from the brightness of LCD advertising machine, size, or from the aspects of image resolution, are the same in the field of unmatched by other new products, in the advertising industry has inestimable prospects for development. Touch all-in-one PC is with touch function of advertising machine, touch all-in-one PC in business applications, for example, the following simple expounded touch all-in-one application value.

    First, in the supermarket, the chain and so on various shopping malls, stores with a touch-screen system - touch all-in-one appear in succession, the high-definition picture and rich content, staying for many consumers. "The prices of goods, promotion information, stores, the distribution of social news and weather forecast, clock and various forms of advertising, etc. On this screen, don't bother, like I used to stay here for three minutes to put the whole information of want to know.

    Second, market liquidity is itself a very strong, in the nowadays colorful life, need something fresh to more won the attention of consumers. The emergence of digital products touch all-in-one, integrates a variety of application platform, convenient own use at the same time, adds additional advertising revenue, is a new mode of mall we respond to the status quo.

    Third, touch all-in-one PC can communicate directly with consumers, online customer care about news (social, entertainment, sports, etc.), the information such as weather forecast, lottery tickets, traffic lines, convenient to store all kinds of information release at the same time, also can provide consumers with the specification and humanized buy digital systems.

    Market increasingly competitive, touch all-in-one PC is the most effective way to advertisers to break, using new technology to change the look and feel of the consumers and create a meeting the needs of consumer expectations for the store environment, not only can improve the image of the mall, and can greatly promote consumers to buy.