Touch everywhere Touch monitor or bringing in the new spring

October 28, 2016

    From the advent of smart phones, touch industry ushered in the rapid development of this kind of way of human-computer interaction, quickly changed people's life, for a while, touch everywhere, extend from smart phones to tablets, to many touch products in the field of business, can say people's acceptance to touch and ushered in the new peak demand. So much demand, nature also contributed to touch the market boom, many manufacturers have begun to enter the field, therefore can be said to be the 2016 touch a peak of the market, but from the current form, touch the market upward trend has been insufficient, is now beginning to supply, price war multiplexes stage, believe touch market will soon be facing a big reshuffle.


    Touch crazy bargain intelligent monitor or for a new spring


    Why touch market rise so fast, the bottleneck period also come so fast? This is related to the industry's technical threshold is not high, touch panel industry into the threshold is relatively low, and the thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD) panel, expensive compared with yellow process, machine equipment, touch panel production equipment is very cheap, cause manufacturers, with competitors.


    Manufacturer, the threshold is not high consequence is the price war play more and more fierce, peripheral manufacturers in order to get the order can only rely on price to win, a line manufacturers, although more quality assurance, but competition under the pressure, also can make a compromise on price, which reversed transmission peripheral manufacturers price again, thus forming a vicious circle. It reminds people of the LCD splicing in the field of the situation, because of the low barriers to entry the LCD splicing, so is also a low-margin market, and touch the market is similar, but the LCD splicing has deep into the red sea, and touch the market is just came to the shore, but declining profits will be a trend.


    Touch competition intensifies, will lower the cost of the touch function, this is helpful to carry a touch function of equipment to reduce costs, consumer can use a lower price, buy good touch effect of equipment, including mobile phones, tablets and other products, but because of mobile phone basically is to see configuration, so touch cost advantage is not obvious, but for the touch display, is very obvious, in the case of without too much more money, people naturally prefer to buy a can touch display.


    Now with touch display is divided into two kinds, one kind is only touch function display, is a kind of touch and the system (android) generally have at the same time, they all belong to the category of intelligent monitor. The concept of smart display is not too clear, but you can touch is clearly a function could not be neglected, and from the point of the current development situation, displays the future is to combine more equipment to use, not simply as a passive output display devices, so intelligent monitor is a development trend, and a touch of cost reduction, is to reduce the development of the intelligent monitor resistance.


    Touch equipment main market at present actually concentrated in 10 inches below the market, competition is very fierce, similar to the larger screen touch touch display equipment, intervention of the manufacturer is less, so also higher profit margins, so touch display market, touch manufacturers concern. And touch the overall lower cost, also has brought new opportunities for intelligent display, after all, a touch is an important symbol of the intelligent monitor, intelligent display in 2017 will usher in a new spring? We have to wait and see.