Waste liquid crystal display how to deal with?

October 12, 2016

    With the development of the society, the living environment has been closely watched, old things now have a dedicated recycling, everywhere disorderly throw of the situation has been greatly improved, the LCD screen abandoned after then? Part of the LCD screen has lost the reengineering and secondary utilization value, so a lot of people will dispose, it is not right. Liquid crystal display terminal has small volume, light weight, low energy consumption, the characteristics of the effect is good, no radiation. Mainly used in LCD TVS, computers, monitors, smart phones, etc. With constant innovation and technology upgrading of speed, abandoned LCD products increase rapidly, for the waste liquid crystal screen how to correctly handle? The following an industry veteran DDW resolution for you.

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    LCD liquid crystal perfusion in the gap between two pieces of glass of liquid crystal screen, as a mixture of a variety of organic compounds, usually contains 10 to 25 kinds of liquid crystal material, which contains a large number of cyano, fluorine, bromine, chlorine and other groups. LCD belong to hazardous waste, recycling, how to deal with it after the following steps:


    A, remove waste LCD apart, plastic parts, cables, etc., take out the LCD glass box.


    Second, the use of acetone leaching liquid crystal glass box, remove polaroid, mechanical stripping glass substrate.


    Three, after stripping glass in acetone, after the conclusion of the leaching reaction will be dissolved with liquid crystal of acetone distillation, separation of liquid crystal and acetone.


    Four, do not contain LCD glass using sulfuric acid solution and joint leaching manganese dioxide, get rich indium solution.


   Of the five, acid indium by extracting agent, zinc replacement, electrolytic refining indium get products.


    Six, not containing indium and other glass sales together, recycling of liquid crystal to send professional manufacturer for centralized processing, distillation of acetone to return to the original process continue to use.

    Supercritical body recovery liquid crystal method is introduced: it is using ultrasonic assisted organic solvent dissolved liquid crystal display, after the membrane filtration separation, recycling of liquid crystal materials. LCD recovery rate can reach 50%, the method of liquid crystal properties of collection, present a wide nematic phase temperature range and high temperature, but has not yet reached the daily show purity requirements of the purity of liquid crystal used.


    LCD harmless treatment method of the technological process is: the waste liquid crystal display and disassemble the LCD panel with LCD liquid crystal display to the formation of granular, then particles bubbled into nitrogen gas in a closed environment, directly under the condition of nitrogen gas for heating decomposition of the organic gas processing to the heat decomposition under the conditions of high temperature fully harmless discharge after combustion process and heat decomposition of residue containing Gu borosilicate glass and metal recycling.


    Above is the DDW processing method is introduced about waste liquid crystal displays, LCD is a kind of harmful compounds, used in many electronic products, LCD further how to recycle and deal with the possibility of reduce the cost and environmental pollution become waste liquid crystal processing research.