What is an LED video wall?

August 5, 2016

An LED video wall is an amazing digital display that outperforms many other available technologies (video projectors, LCD displays and basic LED light panels.) They are completely modular and scalable in size, which makes them just as suitable for small events as for massive display applications. An LED wall is extremely bright, so you can display your visual content anytime, anywhere, including outside in the sun. With incredibly deep, saturated colors, an LED video wall is as breathtakingly beautiful as it is bright. Most video displays are flat. LED video walls break that limitation with 100% flexibility – any size, any shape, any 3 dimensional shape you can dream up can be realized with our modular, flexible LED video panels. With a pixel pitch as low as 2mm, you can achieve almost unlimited resolution. An LED video wall will perform brilliantly no matter what kind of video source:

latest company news about What is an LED video wall?  0HDMI, DVI, VGA, component and composite video signals are all supported. Because of their light weight, these LED video displays are extremely portable; i.e. you can put them anywhere, hung from the ceiling, on lighting trusses, mounted to vehicles, stage props, etc. We can setup a video wall at your event in a couple hours, no need to set aside days for your stage's video screen setup. This amazing digital display technology can truly revolutionize your event.