What is the difference between LED advertising machine and LCD advertising machine?

October 8, 2016

    Advertising machine for us is no longer strange, has become an indispensable part in life, in the subway, bus stations, shopping malls, buildings, etc., can be seen advertising machine. LCD and LED advertising machine is of two types, but many people don't know the LED advertising machine and LCD advertising machine, the difference between the following by the profound technical personnel to explain what is the difference between LED advertising machine and LCD advertising machine?

    A, what is the LCD advertising machine?


    LCD advertising machine is we usually say that the LCD advertising machine, liquid crystal structure is placed in the middle of the two pieces of parallel glass LCD, between two pieces of glass have many vertical and horizontal lines, through the power control rod crystal molecular changes direction, the optical line refraction out of the picture. Particularly suitable for high-end brand integrated multimedia technique, passed a comprehensive range of product information to consumers, promotions, etc.


   Second, what is the LED advertising machine?


    LED advertising machine is a kind of practical new type of dynamic advertising information release media before consumption. Sphere of light from the perspective of high brightness LED (light-emitting diode) array. Built-in microcomputer chip processing, edited by personal computer and stored in the memory of pictures and text messages, according to very precise time continuous leds light up and put out the specific point, also brush in the brushless dc motor drive, high speed rotation of the phenomenon of persistence of vision, users want to graphics and text will magically appear, and suspended in 360 on the eve of vision space of joy.


     Three, LED advertising and LCD advertising machine, LCD advertising machine)


     LED advertising machine and LCD advertising machine Lord if the difference between the display, LED brightness, far see is very clear, suitable for outdoor; LCD advertising machine display brightness is not high, close to see very clear, suitable for indoor LED. LED display effect is not strong, the LCD screen can be achieved. More important is the LED thinner than LCD, more convenient, the structure of all kinds of extreme cosmetic requirements.


    Above is the difference between LED advertising machine and LCD advertising machine, above all, compared to the LED display screen and liquid crystal display, such as in terms of brightness, power consumption, and refresh rate, there are more advantages. Therefore, differences between LED advertising machine, LCD advertising machine is still very large.