What new applications in advertising industry?

August 5, 2016

With the rapid development of digital signage industry. The status of digital advertising continue to highlight, especially as new media network version LCD advertising machine, it is its rapid growth to become a beautiful advertising landscape, advertising industry an extremely broad range of applications. In 2013, the advertising market in China booming,what new applications will be advertising industry specific?

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1、Advertising machine used in the medical industry - hospital advertising through the network LCD advertising machine, medical institutions can play in medicine, registration, hospitalization and other related information. In addition, the system can take advantage of the advertising solutions allow doctor-patient interaction, the guide provides maps, information and other entertainment content services, not only can simplify the process of medical care, advertising machine manufacturers also help alleviate patient anxiety.


2、Advertising in retail chain industry - retail chains advertising through the network version LCD advertising machine, can help users to instantly release the latest shopping guide, product and promotional information and other content. The LCD advertising display rich and vibrant colors can effectively enhance the consumer shopping experience, while also helping users to simplify information publishing process, and ultimately enhance the retail sales industry users.


3、Advertising machine used in the hospitality industry - hotels advertising LCD advertising network can also display information in the hotel's public areas, the hotel can provide a full range of information services for customers. For example: Hotel map, room use, recommended dishes, special offers and other information content. In addition, when there is need for network version LCD advertising player can also develop related hotel operations support system based on existing hotels, such as the hotels automated check-in and check numbers and other services.

4、Advertising machine used in the transportation industry - Subway advertising, bus advertising, airport advertising, stop advertising with the online version of LCD advertising machine, users to update and publish the latest schedules and other travel information. In addition, users can also create additional display functions, such as scrolling and entertainment clips, or play sports, entertainment and news programs, provided entertainment for the passengers waiting, waiting to pass the time. For large railway stations, airports and other characteristics of the population flows, the user can also play a variety of advertising products, and create economic benefits for businesses.


5、Advertising industry in education - school advertising through the network LCD advertising player can play safety education videos, school buildings, canteens, dormitories, sports pipes and other places in the school various important activity areas, strengthen safety education, improve safety awareness in addition can also network board LCD advertising players Music video / News and schools important notifications, especially in the university campus, the network version LCD Advertising machine general, become the school of new media, many businesses for student groups using the network version LCD Advertising machine.


6、Advertising machine used in the financial sector - banks with advertising network version LCD Advertising Player, financial institutions can better promote its brand and business. Users use the LCD advertising system to play its benchmark interest rate and other financial information to show customers and introduce banking activities and notification, unified corporate culture that is playing image videos and so on. At the same time, the network version LCD advertising machine can also be achieved through the integration of resources more system functions, such as call queuing, touch screen, multimedia terminals, etc., to achieve unified management of information, no matter how far apart between finance, you can remotely control management, thus bring considerable economic effects for the financial industry