What will the strength of video wall manufacturers need to do?

August 5, 2016

We know that with the current economic development, our standard of living are growing year by upgrading them, people are constantly deepening sense of security for them, so in the security industry is hot in progress, then how can we make the LCD splicing wall manufacturers in many businesses stand out, here today we will look together.

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A strength of LCD wall manufacturers must do the following:

1)  to strengthen domestic security market cultivation and development.
2)  to enhance communication with customers and management, improve service quality LCD Video Wall.
3) we increase research and development, improve the capability of independent innovation, identify the location, market segments, to avoid LCD Video Wall and other security product homogeneity.
4)  strengthen personnel training. Talent is the embodiment of all foundation, so a lot of talent cultivation is an important part of the current enterprise development can not not try.
5)  from the brand in terms of influence: LCD Video Wall market have a certain brand, no doubt like to have a high level of development of the land across the entry ticket. Especially now the rapid development of the national economy, people's consumption level of increasingly high quality LCD Video Wall and brand awareness have become a concern. Influential, well-known brands, use rest assured, more importantly, relative to the overall grade have increased.
6)  from R & D capability point of view: technical uniqueness LCD splicing machine, namely: high-end technology gathering mosaic panel, the domestic manufacturers can only proceed from the splicer in research and development production, with the strength of the manufacturers in the country rarely while Leroy is a research and development production of multimedia built-in processor-based manufacturers in the overall product structure for anti-radiation, temperature, environmental protection, aesthetics, and other designs. R & D firms can occur for unknown reasons the product quickly detect and resolve, LCD Video Wall product manufacturers in the comprehensive cost higher, the product can also be adjusted accordingly depending on the different needs of the main application areas.