Who is the mainstream in the digital signage industry?

June 29, 2017

    In the era of digital technology, a sign, a city on the whole, digital signage as information display terminal, bearing the weight of the information flow of the city, where whoever has information display, there is a trace of digital signage, which LED advertising machine, ordinary version of the LCD digital signage are widely exists in various application fields. Nowadays, with the development of people's personalized needs, digital signage has become the mainstream of industry innovation development and spread in all walks of life, among which the touch smart one is very popular.


    Is similar to the spread of traditional print media, television advertising carrier, one of digital sign among the five major media, touch intelligent integration to become the digital signage embrace the trend of the touch of the flexible intelligent features more in line with modern people one-on-one personality pattern, also make up for the traditional one-to-many model uncertainty, make it perfectly achieved the integration of science and technology and the information on the excellent performance. So, what are the advantages of touching smart digital signs that you don't know? The following DDW shows you more!

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    Appearance and function: touch intelligent digital signage looks no different compared with ordinary products, its vogue, the modelling of lightweight and high quality display enough to attract the user's favorite; Which the most prominent is still adopted the high-end LCD display on the display panel, accompanied by strong induction function, make the screen touch flexible, fast, smart, can follow one's inclinations of touch points to performance, and can also be for display, such as screen display, single function.


    Internal configuration: touch version of digital signage based on network technology, digital audio technology, interactive technology, implementation of text, images, video and other multimedia editing, finally for network transmission, control, and release relevant information to multiple display terminal, good satisfy the crowd of complex and changeable, especially the younger generation pursuit individual character make public, making digital signage are full of vitality!


    As you can see today, there is not only a need for digital signage, but also a growing demand for personalized demand for the service's audience. And touch digital signage is targeted to choose the appropriate content to play and to provide rich, intelligent operation function, enhance the experience of human-computer interaction, attract a crowd, so as to realize the optimization of digital signage effect.


    DDW as excellent digital signage supplier, use of science and technology in the digital signage industry's further development and innovation, for the digital signage industry, innovation is the first productivity, still DDW still clinging on the basis of existing technology tirelessly, leading the popular science and technology, and the information society synchronization together, build urban prosperity.