Why 55 Inch Floor Outdoor Waterproof Advertising Machine In 2017 Favored?

April 14, 2017

  Outdoor advertising is a kind of art to beautify the city, in the sign of city economic development level, outdoor advertising is the most direct manifestation of city civilization, is an important carrier to improve the taste of the city and the visual image of the name card.


  To enhance the quality of the city and commercial vitality of the window advertising, emerging types of media forms, DDW55 inch floor outdoor advertising outdoor advertising machine to return to the original source, so that the city landscape more orderly and dynamic. Relying on the modernization of science and technology platform for the outdoor advertising industry to buy both the service and supervision of the new model, which for the development of outdoor advertising and the beautification of the city environment will play a positive role in promoting.

  Excellent outdoor advertising is a kind of art, and the surrounding environment complement each other, to dress up the role of the city. Many countries on the city's outdoor advertising has a strict style requirements and environmental requirements, the more the number of outdoor advertising, do not undermine the facade of buildings, the destruction of the city's original style. There are no outdoor advertising creative, production is not fine, use inferior materials, advertising is very problematic, some in the construction site, or health corner front advertised at the same time, also became the cover screen.

sample layout3.jpg

  International standard DDW outdoor floor type waterproof advertising machine protection characteristics

The design of the equipment operating temperature -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius

Under the sun can be seen high brightness, high-definition display screen

Outdoor riot all metal shell, strengthen explosion-proof toughened glass design, explosion-proof, anti-theft,

Temperature control intelligent start cooling and heating system (-20 ~ 60 C)

The brightness of the light control screen is automatically adjusted according to the surrounding environment

International standard DDW56 inch floor outdoor waterproof advertising machine cabinet

Table painting processing: the use of imported automotive metal paint, metal paint, outdoor anti-corrosion for 7 years

Screen protection direct sunlight AR. glare. UV protection. Explosion-proof glass

Interface: RJ45 network interface power interface

Voltage: AC220V + 10% 50Hz + Hz

Machine power consumption: 1000W

Operating temperature: 0 degrees C ~ +35 C humidity: 40% ~ 80% (relative, non decompression)

Horn power 2*8 ohm /5w


International standard DDW55 inch floor outdoor waterproof advertising machine

Support horizontal screen and vertical screen layout, each playing area can be freely combined, layered arrangement

The screen area is free to split, can be combined pictures, audio, video, web pages, clock, date, subtitles, mixed

Material editor

Different programs can be arranged into a broadcast table, support programs and broadcast Preview

To support the timing of the shutdown settings can be set every day, week, and every day, more than a week time,

Real time monitoring player playback screen

Different users can set different permissions to ensure the security of broadcast

The use of distributed management, support for remote or local control, within the purview of the display content editing, repair

Change and release

Support for the end of the Android mobile phone broadcast program to release the list, playlists and other functions


  International standard DDW55 inch floor outdoor waterproof advertising machine in line with the requirements of urban landscaping

  The international standard DDW55 inch floor type waterproof outdoor advertising machine according to the contents of health, in the city planning area, beautiful appearance, strong safety, the principle of coordination of appearance design specifications, color, shape, arrangement and the surrounding environment and building, and in accordance with the requirements of city beautification, favored.