Why Is 55 Inch Floor Waterproof Outdoor Advertising Machine Popular In 2017?

April 12, 2017

Outdoor advertising is to beautify the city a work of art, in one of the symbols of urban economy development level of outdoor advertising is the most intuitive to reflect urban civilization, is one of the important carrier and enhance urban grade the visual image of the card.

To enhance urban grade and commercial vitality of a window advertising, new types of media forms, DDW55 inch floor waterproof outdoor advertising machine outdoor advertising to return to the origin, let more orderly dynamic of urban landscape. Line, based on a modern science and technology platform for the outdoor advertising to buy a new mode of service and supervision, and for the development of outdoor advertising and beautify the city environment will play a positive role.

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Excellent outdoor advertising is an art, with the surrounding environment bring out the best in each other, have the effect of beautiful city. Many countries in the center of the outdoor advertising has the style of the strict requirements and environmental regulations, some outdoor advertising grew, not dark destruction of building facade, destroyed its original style. And some outdoor advertising is creative, production not jing, inferior materials, advertising also have a lot of problems, either in construction site, or the front of health dead Angle, in the broadcast at the same time, also became the modesty of the screen.

International standard DDW floor waterproof outdoor advertising machine protection features

All-weather use; The equipment design work temperature from 20 ℃ to 60 ℃

The sun visible high brightness, high-definition screens display screen

Outdoor riot full metal jacket, to strengthen the explosion-proof design toughened glass, explosion-proof, anti-theft,

Intelligent temperature control starting the cooling and heating system (- 20 ~ 60 ℃)

Light sensor automatic control automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the surrounding environment

International standard schindler, 56 inch floor waterproof outdoor advertising machine cabinets

Table picture processing: using imported cars metal paint, metal smooth lacquer, outdoor anticorrosive for 7 years

Screen saver sun AR. Anti glare. Uv protection. Explosion-proof glass

Interface: RJ45 network interface power supply interface

Voltage: AC220V plus or minus 10% to 50 Hz + Hz

Machine power consumption: < 1000 w

Working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ + humidity: 40% ~ 80% (relative to the reduced pressure)

Speaker 2 * 8 ohm / 5 w

International standard DDW55 inch floor waterproof outdoor advertising machine is introduced

Support for landscape and portrait layout, each play areas can be combined freely, can be layered

Free screen area segmentation, composable images, audio, video, web pages, clock, date, subtitles, mix

The material editor

But different programming into tables, support programs and table preview

Support time switch machine Settings, can be set up every day, week, and every day, more weeks period of time,

Broadcast images can be real-time monitoring player

Different users can set different operating authority, ensure air safety

Using distributed management, supporting the remote or local control, within the scope of authority to edit, display content

Change and release

Support the android mobile terminal to release programs to play end, playlists, etc

International standard DDW55 inch floor waterproof outdoor advertising machine can meet the demands of city beautification

International standard DDW55 inch floor waterproof outdoor advertising machine within a planned urban area to follow the content health, beautiful appearance, strong safety, design specifications, color, shape, set mode in harmony with the surrounding environment and building exterior styling principle, and can meet the demands of city beautification, and popular.