Wisdom may not know in the security monitoring of six points

September 1, 2016

1, simple structure clear:

    Because monitoring host after yeohwa technology security network video monitoring system have gathered to handle software completed the video matrix in the imitation system, many functions of image segmentation and other equipment, and computer hard disk video recording function, has greatly simplify the system structure, high integration.latest company news about Wisdom may not know in the security monitoring of six points  0

2, handle use concise:

    Because digital monitoring system based on computer and network equipment, most of the control system for function through the computer to complete, do not need to imitate many multifarious equipment in the system, reduce the operation and maintenance personnel to handle the work intensity.

3, strong operation function:

    Many kinds of form; More pictures intelligent switch round tour; A variety of warning form; In real time, punctuality, alarm trigger, rev. Stop at any time and various video method; Pictures capture the print; Intelligent video replay quickly query and so on.

4, monitor, check concise:

    Because all forms of digital network video monitoring have gathered according to the characteristics of the network, do not need to add equipment investment, long distance or local monitoring center on the network can be real-time monitoring, video or arbitrary playback of one or more monitoring scene, authorized networked computer can complete the monitoring function, avoid the distance factors form shall not convenient geographical position and lack. In samsung 46 inch LCD splicing screen displayed on the monitor screen

5, high security to:

    Picture mask skills, to avoid illegal tampering with video data; Artificially authorized computers on the network are able to do video backup, useful to avoid damage of evil intention network fault offline caching function, useful maintenance video data; Video to suspend the host alarm function; Authorized grading for utility; Strong log function.

6, infinite seamlessly extend to:

    Surveillance cameras are added is mainly the front-end long-distance monitoring points to add, and monitor the front are identified through the IP address, add equipment only means that the IP address of the expansion, simple structure can constitute a large multi-level monitoring network.

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