Working principle of large scale multi point infrared touch screen

August 5, 2016

1、 large size touch frame of:

Around the touch screen with the infrared receiving tube and infrared emission tube, forming a cloth into the network by infrared.


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2、 infrared touch screen works:

infrared touch screen is the use of Y, X direction of the infrared matrix to detect and locate the user's touch. Infrared touch screen in front of the monitor installation of the outer frame of a circuit board, circuit board in the sides of the screen arrangement of infrared emission tube and the infrared receiving tube, corresponding to cross the infrared matrix. When the user touches the screen, the finger can block the infrared rays of the position, so that the position of the touch point in the screen can be judged. Outside touch screen, is a highly integrated electronic circuit integration products.


Infrared touch screen contains a complete integration control circuit, and a group of high precision, anti - interference infrared transmitting tube and a set of infrared receiving tube, installed in cross two opposite directions in the highly integrated circuit boards, forming an invisible infrared grating. The intelligent control system embedded in the control circuit continuously sends out the pulse to the diode to form an infrared ray deflection beam grid. When touching an object such as a finger into the grating, it blocks the light. The intelligent control system can detect the loss of the light and transmit the signal to the control system, in order to confirm the X axis and the Y axis coordinate value.


3、What is the DID splicing screen large size touch screen?

Did screen splicing large size touch screen ultra narrow edge splicing screen, infrared multi touch screen, toughened glass, mosaic software, computer integrated interactive stitching to touch the wall. It can support a variety of narrow edge LCD splicing screen up, outside in accordance with the splicing out of the length and the width of set of toughened glass and a true multi-point infrared touch frame; and in accordance with the project step by step installation, computer control host; combined with the advanced multimedia production tools, electronic writing board software, interactive multimedia software, video, text, images, animation, good clear, electronic document, Internet information function, showing a dazzling visual effects.